We publish faithful, creative and effective Bible teaching material for children’s and youth ministries.

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"I warmly commend the TnT Mustard Seeds material. Our Sunday school leaders have found it consistently faithful to the Biblical text, full of great suggestions for age-appropriate teaching and activities as well as strong in application to both heart and behaviour".

Vaughan Roberts - Rector of St Ebbe's Church, Oxford President of the Proclamation Trust

"My 6 year old son asked me to pray for him on Monday when I left him at the school gate. I asked what I should pray for. He said, "Pray that I will be salt and light today". This is what he had learned in Sunday school the day before".

A Mother

"Mustard Seeds is an incredibly valuable resource for us in our children's ministry. It is very faithful to Scripture, affordable, well-written and easy to use. We love the way the material can be adapted for the wide range of ages from 3 to 11. Being in New Zealand, we really appreciate being able to simply download the material off the website, rather than getting books in".

David, St Saviour's, Christchurch, New Zealand

"We have loved using this material. I personally have been so blessed, and I think my enthusiasm has rubbed off on the kids".

Ruth - Melbourne, Australia

"We have just begun using Mustard Seeds. The content is excellent and we are delighted that we have found this marvellous new resource".

Helen - Glasgow, United Kingdom

"So far, we have taught The Reigning King and Parables of the Kingdom courses with our Sunday school and have enjoyed them very much. In our international church setting, working with two or more first languages, the games have been particularly helpful."

Vicki - Vienna, Austria