We're working hard to provide 'language packs' for every product. These packs contain everything a child will see in the lesson (or take home), in their mother tongue, but the teacher's notes remain in English. All language packs are available for free with the purchase of every product in English and will automatically be allocated to your account when you checkout.

Language pack samples can be found under "Supplements" on the right-hand side of each detailed product description.

The matrix below shows all the products already available with language packs.

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Afrikaans Arabic Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) French Greek Hungarian isiZulu Italian Japanese Middle Belt Hausa Nepali Norwegian Russian Serbian SeSotho Spanish Welsh
A Prophetic Christmas
Beyond the Manger
Bible Tots (Part 1) - God Made
Bible Tots (Part 2) - Thank You God
Bible Tots (Part 3) - God Cares
Bible Tots (Part 4) - Friends with God
Bible Tots (Part 5) - The Life of Jesus
Dead or Alive - Jesus is King
God on Mission
Jesus on Mission
John: Seven Signs
Journey to the Promised Land
Kingdom Living
Lost - Parables in Luke 15
Luke's First Christmas
Luke's First Easter
Mission Unstoppable
Parables of the Kingdom
Paul on Mission
The Amazing King
The King of Christmas
The King of God's Kingdom - Part 1
The King of God's Kingdom - Part 2
The King of God's Kingdom - Part 3
The King on the Cross
The Reigning King