Series Aims
  • To understand that everything we see in our world was made by God.
  • To see the infinite wisdom of God in the variety, precision and purpose of all that God has made.
  • To encourage a response of thankfulness and praise.
  • To help the children understand that they are made by God and loved by him.
Series Overview
This series explores all the different things that God created as recorded in Genesis chapter 1. Each lesson focuses on a different aspect of creation and encourages the children to marvel at the wonder of all the God has made. The series shows God's design and purpose in all that he has made and encourages the response of thankfulness and praise. The climax of the series is the creation of people in God's image. Humans are part of the creation, but we are distinct from the rest of creation because we have been created in God's image and given the task of taking care of this world.

Series Outline
Lesson 1 - God Made the Sky and Birds
Lesson 2 - God Made the Sea and Fish
Lesson 3 - God Made the Earth and Flowers
Lesson 4 - God Made the Earth and Trees
Lesson 5 - God Made the Animals and Insects
Lesson 6 - God Made the Wild Animals
Lesson 7 - God Made the Domestic Animals
Lesson 8 - God Made Me
Lesson 9 - God Made: Summary

See page 4 of the sample lesson for an outline of the entire 55 lesson programme.

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