Series Aims
  • To understand that every aspect of Jesus' life shows that he is God the Son in human form.
  • To marvel at the power and compassion of Jesus in the lives of all he met.
  • To understand that Jesus' death in our place makes friendship with God possible.
  • To know that the resurrection proves that Jesus is our king and rescuer.
Series Overview
This series explores Jesus' birth, ministry, death and resurrection. Each lesson focuses on a different aspect of his life and encourages the children to marvel at who Jesus is and all that he did while he was on earth.
The climax of the series is the Easter story where the children discover that King Jesus died in their place so that they can be friends with God. The series encourages children to respond by praising Jesus for who he is and inviting them to know him personally as king and rescuer.

Series Outline
Lesson 1 - Christmas Story: the Angel's Announcement
Lesson 2 - Christmas Story: the Birth of Jesus
Lesson 3 - Christmas Story: the Shepherds
Lesson 4 - Christmas Story: the Wise Men
Lesson 5 - Jesus Loves the Little Children
Lesson 6 - Jesus Walks on Water
Lesson 7 - Jesus Made a Sick Man Well
Lesson 8 - Jesus Made a Lame Man Walk
Lesson 9 - Jesus Made a Blind Man See
Lesson 10 - Jesus Made a Deaf Man Hear
Lesson 11 - Easter Story: The Triumphal Entry
Lesson 12 - Easter Story: The Crucifixion
Lesson 13 - Easter Story: The Resurrection

See page 4 of the sample lesson for an outline of the entire 55 lesson programme.

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